There are really only two places I find complete clarity and peace of mind…
Riding my bike and in the shower.
Try it sometime.

How am I supposed to use a foam roller with road rash?

Well the race today didn’t quite go like I wanted it to. Last year at this race I got dropped on the 1 mile uphill finishing stretch and chased back on each lap. This year I was feeling incredible. I had probably the best legs I’ve had all year. I wasn’t getting dropped on the hill and most laps I was in the top 5 over the hill and sitting comfortably in the pack. I was saving my energy for the last lap and then, right as we came into the turn to go uphill on the 2nd to last lap, there was a crash right in front of me and it ended up forcing me off the road and into the ditch. I stayed upright and was quickly back on the road but it took long enough to get me off the back by quite a ways. However, I chased for probably 2 miles which gave me the remaining 6.5 miles of the circuit to sit in for a bit but the pace rose quite a bit as we approached the finish and with 1 mile to go I had nothing left due to the chase. I sprinted against another rider for 17th but he won and I ended up 18th. It’s disappointing because without that crash the result would have been better. But I felt so strong that it gives me confidence for upcoming races. 

07.12.14 /21:47/ 1

This Saturday is the biggest race of the year to me. Not because of big prize money or anything, but simply because this race starts about 3 miles from my house. The race is 51 miles over 6 laps of a 8.5 mile course. I am always excited for this race, last year I came in realizing that, due to a 1 mile rolling, mostly uphill, approach to the finish, that I was not properly trained. I focused last year on improving my sprinting and came to be a powerful sprinter but couldn’t go uphill at all. This year I’m better trained for climbing and feeling really confident going in. I want a good result and I think I can win. 
I’m going to win this race.

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