~   Greg Henderson

I got dropped an hour into the road race I did today. I found myself off the back with a group of about 5. Then got popped from that as well. I was joined by a couple other guys in my race after a bit of riding alone. One guy got dropped pretty quickly and the other guy I rode with for awhile. We were going down a hill and I tucked on my top tube and afterwards he said, “Nice descent.” At the time I thought he said, “nice to sit” as I pulled through. But then I realized what he actually said. I’m unsure if he was being facetious but I didn’t really care. I noticed his rear tire was low, like really low, so I knew that once we got to the final climb I could beat him. And then as I pulled through about 3 miles from the finish I said, “Just so you know, you’re rear tire is pretty low.” Then we came to the obvious conclusion that there was nothing he could do about it. And then 30 seconds later he was dropped. Completely gone. I was going to save the fact that his tire was low until a moment when I was feeling vulnerable and knew that I could get into his head. But apparently when I said it was the perfect time. Haha the tactics of bike racing. 

I don’t know how I finished, but I do know that I need to start doing more long rides, like 3+ hours. 

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